Liley Hall Farm


Week 7: Day 4

The puppies have grown a lot and 4 of them have gone to their new homes; Sue's - now called Jess, Dave Markham's - now called Amber, John and Lesley's - she has always been called Ruby as its their Ruby wedding anniversary, and Colin's - not named yet. I keep calling mine Tyke and Tilly and so I think those names might stay.

First time in the kitchen - found the stove but then all curled up in a heap under the table.




Week 6: Day 1

I took quite a few video's today of the puppies on route to the garden and in the garden.  I have tried them on solid biscuits as well today and they managed fine so I will slowly convert all feeds to solid biscuits instead of mushy ones!

Pups in wheelbarrow

Pups and Tango

Pups in garden

Pups in garden


Week 5: Day 3

We've advanced no end from just going outside - now they have 1/2 visits to the garden (transported in the wheelbarrow) a day for 15/20 mins - basically until they get tired. Tally and Tango are being very good. Tango feeds them then plays with them there. Pictures below.




Week 4: Day 6 Pictures

I had a bit of a clearout today as they were climbing onto the straw bales and pooing up there. So there's less bales, more straw on the floor and more room. They thought it was great. Also had 10 minutes outside and this time they were more adventurous and Tally and Tango came to see them too.

John and Lesley's puppy




Dave Markham's with Mne                                                                     DM's with John Gunney's



One of the black males - both have a bit of white on their back toenails and white streak underneath. The only difference between them is one has a few white hairs on the end of his tail.


Mine                                                                                                John Gunnee's


Sue's                                                                                                    This is the 1st time they have gone to sleep not in a pile !!



Week 4: Day 4 Pictures

I was trying to photograph all of them separately but some wouldn't stay still. Will try tomorrow again. Today I let them run around in the yard for 10 minutes which was interesting. They mainly stayed around me then dashed off and back to investigate something.

Dave Markham's


John Gunnee's


Not sure  - and mine.


Week 4: Day 2 (Saturday 1st March)

I've taken some pictures of the puppies with the new feeding bowls. This is the first time they used then and it was me that arranged them as they were all piling into one !. Dave Markham and his two daughters visited and chose the large, white footed, brown legged female. We thought that Easter would be about the right time. They had one feed of soggy puppy biscuits and milk which went down well.


Dave Markham's below



Week 4 Day 1 (Friday)

They are all growing and looking tubby. Today I'm trying 3 feeds a day - they are eating 4 weetabix a feed now. I can distinguish each one as well;

One white footed, brown legged - female and the biggest. A thinker.

Three black ones - 1 female and 2 male, the female has two white toenails. Shy but gaining confidence.

Three  brown faced ones - 1 male and 2 females, one female has a white tip at the end of her tail- all outgoing and into everything.

One smallest black female - which I'm keeping as she comes and sits on me after feeding. Quiet.

Week 3: Day

Well we have had some developments these last few days. I came back on Saturday to find one puppy very unhappy - he was walking in circles and whining a lot. I took him into the house and put him in front of the fire in a box. He eventually fell asleep but died a couple of hours later. I couldn't tell why he died. So now we are 8 puppies.

Tango has decided pups are a threat to her food, dog bowl, stable, sleeping mat and whatever else she can think of. So on Monday we spent a lot of time deciding what to do. I have put another kennel outside the stable, chained her up (both dogs go on chains to keep them off the road at night) and shut the stable door so she can't go in unless I'm around. She's thinking about it. Pups on milk and soggy weetabix 4 times a day.

Tango had a good think overnight and decided this is good. She can run about, have her own food, come into the kitchen, sit by the fire and then at 5 hourly intervals (not very motherly) just leap in and check on puppies. They seem happy too.







Week 3: Day 1 - The puppies are developing amazingly quickly. Now they come to a call and yesterday a couple were chewing on Tango's biscuits and so today I have added softened puppy biscuits in the milk. They seem to suck them then spit them out. Once they have fed they play and investigate for a bit then toddle off back into the straw and go to sleep.




Week 3: Puppies lapping milk




The puppies have started to "move" a bit more and have a sleeping end and a toilet end of the straw area so they are learning how to get from one end to the other without falling over or getting lost... and then how to balance with straddled legs to go to the loo. They are starting to play fight and also trying to bark instead of squeak I think its a bit cold for them to venture far. As soon as they want more to explore I'll open up the whole stable for them which should hopefully keep them occupied while I get a run organised outside. Puppies 2 video




Week 2: Photos and Puppies 1 video










The biggest one - a female - eyes open.


The smallest one - nearly all black, eyes closed, a female.

A middle sized one - eyes just opening.


Week 1:

Tango had 9 puppies on Friday 1st February. I think there are 5 female and 4 male. Overall they range from 400g to 650g.

4 puppies                                                                                                5 puppies

This is the father of the pups; his name is Murphy and he belongs to friends of ours.