Liley Hall Farm

The Team !

Tilly (black female) and Tyke (male) were born on February 1st 2008. Their mother is Tango and their father Murphy (a collie cross Alsatian). They are completely different in character and looks but both have proved very easy to train and are generally very well behaved!



Tango is a 4 year old Border Collie; now mum of 5 puppies. It only took her a week before she was back to her one and only passion of rounding things up. This includes cows, land rovers, tractors and in fact, anything that moves. Tango Pictures


Originally from Marina Rescue Kennels in Huddersfield Tally is a five year old cross who loves his home on the farm. His hobbies include sleeping, barking at tractors and looking for rabbits.


Steve Burgess

Born in Mirfield in 1955, Steve has lived on this farm since 1960.  With his father they expanded the farm from a small mixed farm to 140 acres and 100 cows. Originally a dairy farm it was converted to beef in 1995.

He has a deep passion for travel as well and is currently managing the Cape to Cape Expedition which has an extensive website called





Nicky Spinks

Born in London in 1967, Nicky moved to Glossop in 1978 and lived on a small farm. She then worked as a Systems Analyst for 7 years before meeting Steve in 1991 and moving to Yorkshire. Life inside the office was not for her and she is much happier as a farmer !

Nicky's hobbies also include travelling and fell running. You can follow her progress on